First Timers Guide to Snorkelling

First Timers Guide to Snorkelling

Our job at Tusa Reef Tours is to make sure you have an exceptional day on the reef, and that your first time snorkelling is an exciting and unforgettable experience. We’ve put together a short guide on what to expect during your snorkelling day trip, so you’ll be ready to get straight into the adventure. 

Setting the Scene

Once you arrive on the vessel you’ll enjoy a delicious breakfast, perfect to fuel you up for a day of adventure. While we are on our journey to the outer reef, your marine guides will walk you through a series of briefings and activities. To start we will give an acknowledgement of country and a full safety briefing, you’ll also receive some information on the Great Barrier Reef, a briefing on the proper techniques for snorkelling and what curious critters to look out for while you’re in the water. 

Gear Up

Once we reach our first dive site, you’ll be shown how to use your gear and how to clear your snorkel if water enters it. Make sure to double-check that your gear fits securely, your mask should seal properly on your face when you wear it, and no water should be seeping in the sides. Adjust the straps on the back of the mask if water is still getting in when submerged while making sure it’s still comfortable and not too tight. 

Take it Easy

The key to a great first snorkelling experience is to float along the surface of the water. Use just your fins to propel yourself forwards, rather than using your full body to swim – try keeping your arms by your side. Snorkelling should be a relaxing activity, so make sure to go at a pace that allows you to breathe deeply and easily. You will likely be in the water for around 40 minutes at each dive site, so you don’t want to tire yourself out too quickly. We recommend asking our marine guides to provide you with a floatation device/aid if you think you may need the extra support while in the water. 

Respect the Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is a sensitive ecosystem, so it is important to follow all rules and guidelines to avoid harming the coral and marine life. Some marine animals can feel threatened by your presence if you get too close. Keep your hands to yourself and be careful not to touch or stand on any coral or marine life. And always be mindful of your surrounding area when you are in the water, an erroneous kick of a fin could hurt the reef or a fellow snorkeller. Also, be mindful of what you bring with you and leave behind; we recommend using reef-safe sunscreen (that doesn’t contain oils or potentially harmful chemicals) and do not take any souvenir shells or coral fragments home with you – take only pictures and leave only bubbles! 

Have fun!

This is the most important point – snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so make sure to enjoy it and be present in the moment. We recommend asking our marine guides as many questions as possible throughout the day, they love to share their knowledge of the Great Barrier Reef with our guests and will ensure your day out with Tusa is one to remember.

So – now that you know what to expect, its time to start planning, booking and dreaming about your Great Barrier Reef snorkel adventure!